Question: Hi Rob. I hope you can help me solve our spa issue. It’s driving me crazy because I take care of the spa. My husband refuses to have anything to do with the spa’s maintenance. So here is the story. We decided to buy a hot tub at the start of COVID because my husband began working from home, and the kids were remote learning. It was a great idea until I had five kids in the hot tub daily for hours on end. The water is always super cloudy and sometimes has an off odor. My husband now refuses to even use the hot tub. I just want the water to be clean and clear. Help!  Jennifer B.

Answer: Well first off, Jennifer, you are not alone. The volume of hot tubs sold since COVID, is more than any period in the industry’s history. Our business is constantly consulting, and solving your very same issue. With more folks enjoying hot tubs and with greater frequency, issues with spa water is also at an all-time high.

In the grand scheme, there is an easy resolve. Despite the size, any hot tub is a small body of water. When we get in, the water is stressed with “bather load”. Bather load includes the organics we naturally give off, and our body ph. Now multiply that times five for many hours in a day. Cloudy water and at times an off odor is the result.

Simply up the spas water care procedure to daily. This means more sanitizer, more spa shock to keep the water clean and clear, along with daily balancing (pH/alkalinity adjustments). Finally clean the filter a few times a week.  This remedy is sure get you back to clean and clear. Have a pool/spa question? Happy to answer it. Simply email