Hi pool and spa owners. And, to anyone who simply enjoys reading the articles. I decided this week to address the basics facts of pool and spa ownership. This is a perfect week for this column, due to the number of similar emails I have received.

Let’s begin this discussion with taking ownership of your pool, or spa. Like owning an automobile, in order receive assistance, you will need to know the make, model, and year of your purchase. If it is a hot tub; make, model, year, and serial number is important information to have in a safe place. If it is an aboveground pool, the important information is make, size, gallons, and filter information. Also, keep the receipt from the retailer along with warranty documents in case they are ever needed.

Inground pool information is a little more complexed. Know the builder, dimensions of the pool, including depths of shallow and deep end. It’s also important to know the gallons of the pool for proper dosing. In addition to this information, you will need to know the make, model, year, and serial number on each piece of equipment.  Again, this all important information needed for future assistance.

The number one item that has people retuning from the store to their pool, or spa is the replacement filter number. Like an automobile, you just can’t walk into an automotive supply store and ask for “a filter.” There are hundreds upon hundreds of pool and spa filters.

To round out this discussion, a very important fact comes to mind. It does not matter if your pool or spa is used daily or once a month, weekly care is necessary. Unbalanced water is very corrosive. The investment was not inexpensive. Two minutes a week will yield years of enjoyment.

Have a pool/spa question? Happy to answer it. Simply email rob@blackthornespas.com

Rob Robinson