Q: Thank you for your column! Based on what I have been reading of your articles, I thought I would run my question past you. We have had our hot tub for over 6 months.  After about a month in, I started to itch after each use. No one else seems to have this issue in our family. It’s getting me down, and I’m to the point I no longer want to enjoy the hot tub with my family. Hoping you might have some sort of idea of what’s going on here. Thanks!  Victoria S.

A: Hi Victoria. Let me start by saying sorry to hear of your issue. When we think of hot tubs, the last thought on our minds is an unpleasant experience. The good news is yes; I can point you in the right direction. I also have a suggestion I will share at the end.

When I hear itching after hot tub usage, I always recommend a visit to your family doctor, and/or dermatologist. We want to rule out both “hot tub rash”, and any allergies related to sanitizers like chlorine.

Hot tub rash is caused by bacteria that lives in the hot tub due to low sanitizer levels. You stated only you were affected by the itch. I’ve seen cases were the hot tub had the bacteria, but only one person was affected. This is why recommend seeing a doctor to rule it out.

My suggestion? I highly recommend Waters Choice as a sanitizer. It’s an all-natural enzyme that sanitizes the water. As a water care expert, again I highly recommend it.  It has no odor, and no chance of an allergic reaction. 75 percent of my hot tub customers are on Waters Choice.