Q: We just purchased a new hot tub and we love it! But, the walls feel rough. They were smooth when we first filled it. It’s actually getting worse to the point it’s uncomfortable on the skin. I’m sure there is something we can do about it but, we don’t know who to ask. I’ve read a few of your articles and thought…. here goes nothing. Couldn’t hurt to ask you. Patricia P.

A: Hi Patricia, and congratulations on your new spa purchase. Hot tubs in my opinion should be a standard item in every home. The health benefits are tremendous. Better sleep, reduced inflammation, and quality family time are just a few advantages.

Now, let’s address your question. Most areas have a high level of calcium in the water. When the hot tub registers a high pH, which is normal, the calcium comes out of the water and sticks to the surfaces. There are two ways to address this issue. The first is to make sure your water is balanced all of the time. This is nearly impossible. The second resolve is to use a stain and scale control product. This is the route I suggest this for all hot tub owners. Stain and scale control addresses calcium, and prevents any metals in the water from unsightly stains.

Now for a pool and spa guy trick. Purchase a Mr. Clean Magic Erasure sponge, and rub the calcium off of the walls. It should take very little effort with the cleaning sponge. In fact, it should dislodge like magic. Sorry, I had to do it. Double your first dose of stain and scale control, then follow the instructions for regular intervals. Again, enjoy your new hot tub!

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Rob Robinson