The Los Banos Unified School District’s facilities operations and transportation buildings and parking lot are undergoing a large redevelopment project.

According to Sherry Munday, the district’s manager of facilities and special projects, the district is investing to improve the safety and operation of its transportation hub.

TBS Contractors, the primary contractors overseeing the project, began construction at the end of April with a scheduled completion date of Aug. 1.

The project is a comprehensive endeavor, Munday said, that involves the construction of a new concrete parking lot and extensive modifications to the structure. The main objective of this project is to resolve persistent problems and update the facilities to meet current standards.

The underground work encompasses many tasks, such as the implementation of a new drainage system, modernization of water and sewage lines and the construction of a specialized grease trap for the bus wash area. These improvements, Munday said, are essential for enhancing the efficiency and security of the parking lot, which is a vital operations zone for the school district’s bus fleet and white fleet cars.

Throughout its history, the parking lot has had significant drainage problems, which have been worsened by the substantial weight of buses and delivery trucks. The drainage issues not only presented safety risks but also caused the parking lot to degrade gradually. The implementation of the new drainage system is anticipated to address these concerns, providing a more secure and long-lasting parking surface for day-to-day activities.

Substantial renovations and enhancements are also being carried out on the existing operation and transportation structures. The windows of the building will undergo repairs to mitigate water leakage, therefore resolving the problems that have previously caused internal water damage. Additionally, interior repairs will be conducted to address any preexisting damage resulting from water infiltration.

The buildings have undergone visual and practical enhancements, which include repainting both the mechanic shop and the office. In addition, the office will be equipped with a new fascia, awning, and sign, which will enhance its appearance.

This expansive project is financed by funds allocated for postponed maintenance and has a budget of $1.5 million. The project has been planned and managed, Munday said, to ensure that it stays on track and within the allocated budget.

The project management method used has resulted in timely progress and effective allocation of funds, Munday said, ensuring significant advantages for both the school system and the community.

The enhancements made to the parking lot and buildings signify a substantial investment in the school district’s infrastructure, Munday said. Upon completion, these enhancements will provide a more secure and streamlined setting for the district’s transportation operations, which are crucial to everyday operations of the school. The new concrete parking lot will exhibit enhanced durability and dependability, enabling it to withstand substantial loads and extreme weather conditions, thereby assuring its long-lasting and reliable structure.

This project serves as a  reflection of the school district’s dedication to preserving and enhancing its facilities for the residents of Los Banos, Munday said.

Martina Bekasha