Dull achy neck pain, not burning tingling pain, that starts on the side of your neck and goes into the muscles of your shoulder is due to muscle spasms.

The sore shoulder muscle will feel hard if you massage it, and it hurts to move these muscles so people stop moving them.

Wrong! The hard muscle is in spasm which is like a Charlie Horse in your neck, and like a Charlie Horse in your leg, your neck and shoulder muscles should be stretched out.

Try gently turning your neck right and left, touching your chin to your shoulders. Then touch your chin to your chest as a way to stretch and relax your neck muscle spasms.

Physical therapy helps as does ibuprofen 600mg taken with 2 Tylenol three times a day.

More on burning tingling pain in the future.

Walker Wynkoop, MD

Walker Wynkoop MD lives in Los Banos and is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with 30 years experience. He works at Surgical Affiliates of California. Please email questions to: Doc@Wynmd.com.