The Los Banos School Board meeting of Sept. 8 featured Katherine Twomey, a Pacheco High School junior who was elected as student representative. She reported that the 2022-2023 school year kicked off on Aug. 8 with the annual Freshman Night of Welcome. Students were greeted with fun activities in class as well as a “Welcome Back” rally. Aug. 9 marked “Senior Sunrise,” where seniors would get together to watch the sunrise, and the “Senior Walk-in”, where seniors would parade onto campus on the first day of school.

On Aug. 12, Pacheco High School hosted a luau at the Pacheco pool where almost 100 students purchased associated student body stickers and were given a free party. Similar to Los Banos High School’s “Pride Time,” where students get an extra period to spend with teachers to catch up on work, Pacheco High School rolled out “Panther Flex Time” which is an additional 40-minute period to get students’ extra help.

Superintendent Mark Marshall commended all staff members and employees in his report for making sure that students were safe during the excessive heat. He ensured that schools have very specific protocols and that they were very well executed especially as student athletes followed CIF guidelines that mandate schools to move their practices later or early in the morning. He announced that the school district has been working with Ghysels Group on a project known as “Communication for Equity” to encourage the expansion of communication skills for our teachers to promote greater relationships between students and parents. It also aimed to make the learning environment more receptive, creative, and successful.

Amer Iqbal shared in his report that contractors are currently working on clearing the site at Loftin Stadium for soil compaction and that would be the next step for underground utilities and building layout; and that the interior construction in the Pacheco High School building addition is 90percent complete with only HVAC installation and flooring remaining.

Representatives of the Boys and Girls Club stated they will be initiating a year-round Learning Educational Activities Program to provide services for families and students through summer camp for children of all ages. Sixteen staff members from Los Banos were hired to run the camp which includes a reading and tutoring program, and activities that included art or going on a field trip, to ensure the success of young children. 

It was announced by a representative of the Los Banos Teachers Association that they will be endorsing Dana Valedeo for District 7, and that they are offering “appreciation to Mr. Lieb and Mr. Parreira” and that “it’s wonderful to know that [they’re] running unopposed and representing Los Banos.”

Prishaa Vala