Pacheco High School’s Thespian Society recently put on a production of “Mamma Mia.” They did a great job of doing their rendition of the movie, and even made Pacheco High history.

“Mamma Mia” was shown three days last week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday the Thespian Society made history by having a live orchestra playing instead of recorded music.

Amanda Gieseke, the band instructor at PHS, and a few other students from the band helped play all the music. Ms. Gieseke and her crew did a great job going along with the play and were spot-on in playing the original soundtrack from the movie.

Sarah Kline, the choir director at PHS, helped with all the vocals of the musical. She helped the actors with all the rhythms, tones, keys, and many other things which came together amazingly.

One of the duets that really stood out was between actors Vania Cruz and Princeton Capalla singing “Our Last Summer.” All of the singing was great and brought the musical to life. All of the actors that sang really made the musical like the movie.

Another major mention to add is Cathie Lopez, who helped with the set decor. She and many of the other students worked hard on putting the set together and creating it to become a spot-on image from the original musical.

Of course, we also have to mention Anthony Techella, who is the Thespian Society director and advisor, and Kara Gomes, who is our tech person and helps run lights and mics and is really a big part of the whole musical. A big recognition to all of these people who helped with the musical.

Now on to the actual actors and musicians. The Thespian Society’s rendition of “Mamma Mia” garnered an amazing turnout of people in the production–from the lighting to the set decor to the live music to the amazing actors.

The actors are what really brings everything to life. The casting of the musical was also great for each character. One of the main leads, Vania Cruz, as Dona, did an amazing job at portraying her role. From her outfits to her movements to her vocals and even her emotions, she hugely impacted the overall experience.

Everybody also playing an extra cast member did a great job at dancing. The entire cast looked like they were having a great time not only on stage but off stage. The cast had great chemistry.

The Thespian Society has done a great job at putting on many of their plays and musicals over the years and this one is another incredible show to add to the list.

Kamiliannah Eseroma