This week’s article is about Pacheco High School’s Kindness Week. There are many aspects within this week that make it Pacheco’s bright light. There are also many aspects that go into this week that make it better and better every year.

During Kindness Week, which was in April, the Associated Student Body club members tries to make it as best as possible. They put in a lot of work to make that week the brightest week it can be.

Throughout the week there are different activities that the ASB club puts on to help promote kindness not only on campus but throughout the lives of students. They also throw on challenges or acts of kindness for the students to do to show their kindness.

This Kindness Week was all about bringing the campus together and having them be involved in different activities. On Monday, the week started off with our very own “Chalk the Walk,” where the ASB group will come in on the night before and chalk our PHS boulevard. They will write positive notes, messages, encouraging words, and fun and happy drawings to get the student’s attention.

The reason why we do this is because many people will eventually look at the ground when they are walking. So, when they look down, they can see all the colorful messages to keep them encouraged throughout the week or even day.

ASB members also took the time to write encouraging notes on sticky notes to spell out the word Kindness on our cafeteria windows. These sticky notes will pretty much last all week for students to take.

Many students take these sticky notes and either give them to someone like a friend, staff or family, or keep it for themselves, and it reminds them to keep their heads up. These notes are able to change someone’s day and could really change someone’s attitude.

On Tuesday students were able to come and get a face painting of their choice. Their challenge was to paint a smile on someone’s face. So, students came and got many things, from hearts and stars to smiley faces and palm trees.

Wednesday was to appreciate and acknowledge the teachers and staff members on campus. Student were able to write appreciation letters at lunch to their favorite teachers or staff members and give it to them to show them their kindness.

Another big part of our kindness week is our kindness chain. We take strips of paper and pass them out to every teacher on campus. With these students are able to write a kind message or words down and we will link them together to create one big chain of kindness. It is hung in front of our cafeteria for everybody to see.

On Thursday our activity was to leave our mark on kindness. Students were able to come and paint their hands and post their hand print on a huge Kindness poster. Lots of students got involved and left their mark on the poster.

Friday was sort of a scavenger hunt, because it was You Rock Day. Members of the ASB club painted and decorated a series of rocks to put around campus with encouraging messages and students went around campus to look for them. Their activity was to take a picture with the rock and post it with the hashtag #PHSKW or #PHSKINDNESSWEEK.

Many students took part in these activities and loved to see all the encouragement posted around campus. It also really helped encourage our juniors as they took their state tests during this week.

Students and staff loved to see all the color and fun that ASB had in store for them and can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next one.

Kamiliannah Eseroma