As I write this, the last of the dairy show animals have arrived “back home”. It was a wonderful fair, complete with a Los Banos monsoon, muddy boots, muddy everything, leaks in roofs that have now been identified, and a ton of memories.

When it is all said and done, our memories are all we have left, and those are never unloaded off our trailers.

I would like to thank our new Merced County Spring Fair Manager, Guy Gary. He and the Board brought about many changes.

I like a manager that thinks outside the box, but first and foremost, I like a manager that is concerned about his exhibitors in the livestock area. Gary showed that last week, and the leaders, parents and most of all exhibitors appreciate that.

During the awards ceremony, at the conclusion of the fair, Gary shared with us that a spark happened when he sat in the Arburua Arena decades ago. He did not see himself in an agricultural career, or even a frequent fair exhibitor, but that all changed in that arena, again what we like to refer to in 4-H as a “Spark” happened in his life.

His long journey in agriculture brought him back to Los Banos and his new career as the Merced County Spring Fair Manager, with a passion about his job, and a true quest to make sure that the spotlight shines brightly on our livestock exhibitors and agriculture in our community. For that I am truly grateful.

The Westside Express