By Kamiliannah Eseroma

Hello again.

My name is Kamiliannah Eseroma, and this is your weekly Pacheco High article.

This week’s article is on our yearly Dude Be Nice week. It takes place the week of Nov. 14.

During this week, PHS takes the time to recognize kindness around our campus. We come together and do different activities every day to recognize those who don’t get a lot of attention in their position.

Our Associate Student Body, or ASB, class makes sure to try to include as many people as we can and make our campus a nicer place for everyone. This year, our ASB class has decided to coordinate colors with days and have different activities for each day.

Monday’s activity is to make a new friend, and our color to wear is green.

Tuesdays are sending a teacher a note and the color to wear is white.

Wednesday is a lunch activity where students can come and decorate a heart for themselves or to give to another, and pink will be worn.

On Thursday students can recognize a classified staff member by giving them a thank you, and the assigned color is yellow.

To conclude the week, Friday is when we will check on our friend from Monday, and we will wear purple.

At Pacheco High School, we want to create a safe and happy environment for all our students to come to. By participating in Dude Be Nice week, we are giving our students the ability to see and show we are here for one another.

One special event we do during this week is to recognize those who don’t get recognized very much.

This year, we have chosen two students and three staff members to be our Dude Be Nice recipients. They will be recognized on Thursday after school, during a small rally, with a basket full of their favorite things. ASB gifts these recipients with these baskets and gives a little speech about them as well.

We also go around to their friends, teachers, or others that their kindness has encountered and make a small video about them that will be shown during the rally on our big board.

This rally will take place in our Brett Lee Gym, and when students or staff members attend this rally, they will be able to check in and gain 5-Star points through the 5-Star app.

Another special event ASB likes to take part in is handwriting little kind messages on sticky notes and spelling out BE NICE on our lunchroom windows. We let students take any written note that they think is interesting or encouraging and call it, “Take What You Need.”

Last year’s sticky note project was a success, and we got many compliments from students and staff around campus. We had so many extra notes, it was enough to spread around campus.

We are glad that we are able to participate in an event such as this one and spread niceness around the Pacheco High campus. We love that our students like to take part in these activities and have a positive outlook on what they see.

Can’t wait to write again. Until next time.


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