Black History Month, celebrated each year in February, was created to focus on the contributions of African Americans throughout history, and Merced College did just that.

Merced College provided our students with informational workshops that showcased a variety of programs they can take advantage of at the college, such as A2MEND and UMOJA. We also invited students to Movie Night, where we showed Hidden Figures, a movie about three women who propelled the first American into orbit in 1962. These women were able to break down many social-economical barriers for African Americans.

Merced College also hosted a panel of our own Black faculty, staff, and administrators, who shared their struggles as well as their triumphs both academically and personally. We encouraged our students to engage in collaborative conversations discussing equity, resources, improving inclusion, and removing barriers for African American students at Merced College.

In addition, we played trivia games and ended the month with southern cooking from Symple Soul Food Truck. Our students enjoyed the delicious food, and we couldn’t be prouder to be bringing this to our students.

Jessica Moran