Editor’s Note: Los Banos students were awarded the top three places in this year’s Veterans of Foreign War District 9 Patriots Pen essay contest. This year’s theme was “My Pledge to Our Veterans.” This week the Westside Express is proud to present the essay awarded third place in District 9 (which extends from Los Banos to Bakersfield).

My pledge to our veterans is to give the utmost respect and honor in view of the fact that veterans put their life on the edge to ensure the safety of the American people. They know that unbearable situations come with fighting and protecting our country, yet they take the risk.

According to the La Crosse Tribune, “Many had to endure hunger, loss, pain and desperation, but still they fought with a purpose, willing to give the ultimate sacrifice.” This states that although consequences follow, the veterans remain fearless and spirited. They should be respected by everyone because without them our country wouldn’t be as safe and great as it is now.

By performing community service, I pledge my support for old, weak and disabled veterans in my area. By performing service like home chores, I can support veterans who are disabled or weak to clean their environment and reduce stress for their caretakers.

According to Public Services Degrees, “Sometimes veterans are unable to take care of daily chores on their own. If you are an able-bodied individual or possess particular skills in areas such as carpentry or plumbing, there are opportunities for you to give back by completing even small tasks.”

There is always a need for help in veteran retirement homes, regardless of the size of the contribution. It is my pledge to veterans that I will always be committed to helping them regardless of the level of my service time.

In order to support homeless veterans in my community, I pledge to donate and raise funds. Cal Vet States, “California is home to nearly two million veterans, of which, it is estimated that roughly 19,000 are homeless. This states that there is a lot of help needed to support those veterans who are homeless and in need. Whenever possible, I can donate a certain amount of money each month to charity in order to help homeless veterans in my area and even  in California.

In conclusion, veterans made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the security of their fellow citizens. Considering the risk they took to keep us safe, helping veterans is nothing more than a small act of kindness. My pledge to veterans is that I will fully support them because what they have done is more than enough to be thankful for.

Ivrie Nweke

Mrs. Dixon’s Eighth Grade Advanced English Class - Los Banos Junior High School