Something that has actual existence is the TRUTH about events, as opposed to what we choose to self-interpret.

One of the greatest prisons people live in is the FEAR of what other people think of them. Many say, get over it, forge forward, forgive and forget. And while that seems within reason and the adult thing to do, for many of us it is not as simple as that.

Moving forward requires that we first be set free (not held captive by anyone else). Therefore, the act of forgiveness (and forgetting) must first take place. 

Forgiveness is releasing and letting go, without often realizing that we were even still hanging on. It is no longer harboring or holding yourself hostage or prisoner to anyone or anything. 

When we forgive, we are making a choice, a choice to stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, shortcoming, flaw or mistake that left us with a bad feeling . 

Forgiveness is never about the other person but always about “us.”  When we choose to forgive, we are making a choice to stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw or mistake. 

In many cases the other individual is off and gone living life, while we are stuck and bound by what was said or done. And although we may seem or appear to have it all together on the outside, the inside tells a whole different story.

Question: Have you ever experienced looking at a piece of fruit and, as you inspect it from the outside, it seems to be near perfect physically?  However, the moment you bite into it, you encounter a bitter mushy taste and notice brown discoloration where it’s been bruised and damaged.

This is only visible on the INSIDE. “Through the layers” is a concept meant to bring awareness to the process of uncovering and revealing what lies beneath. As we begin the process of moving through our layers, life will always hit us with shots–interruptions in our lives that leave us knocking, seeking and pleading for something else.

We live in a present day and time that does not incorporate mind, body and soul. Yet at the end of the day, we are left alone to deal with that lowly three–Me. Myself and I. 

Yes, we go to doctors who are taught and trained on addressing our symptoms and current condition but never the root cause. So we go every three or six months to check in with little to no resolution.

I challenge each of you to step away from everything that offers no assurance but this knowing. Understand that you were created on purpose for a purpose.

Let us each examine ourselves and choose to invest in our health and wellness to move forward and go from desires to action with mind, body, soul and spirit. Let us live our BEST lives and to live with intention.

Lisa Roper-Parolise

Lisa Roper-Parolise, a resident of Los Banos, is an author, life coach and owner of KreaTive ChanGes (#Kreative ChanGes).