In spite of all that life brings our way, we must choose health, life and strength.

I learned this after several recent years that have been both challenging and life-changing for me in many ways. This recent period of my life has shown me the importance of being transparent.

Transparency involves a person learning to find the strength to fight through the darkness, embracing all that she or he has. It includes reminders and remembrances of all she or he was. The constant in all this is fighting your way back to living.

Recently I published a book entitled, “A PURPOSE FOR IT ALL.” It is a compilation of poetry, spoken word pieces and soul sessions as the reader and I journey through the layers of self.

“Purpose” is about our existence and embracing the reason for what we do.. It is an awareness that is defined only by something greater than I, you or we could imagine for ourselves.

The phrase “Living with Purpose” hinges together two major facets that bring into alignment everything else, beginning with our existence and the reason for it.

Living is the essence of “life,” while Purpose stands as the objective and the reason for what we do. It is knowing that I matter, that I have distinction and value.

This is based upon knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Each of us is given this gift. It is not earned or acquired but deposited and “Purposefully” placed within each of us from our beginning.

In future “Living Your Best Life” columns, I plan to write more about life empowerment, along with health and wellness advice and tips, in an attempt to bring each of us to living our best lives.

Lisa Roper-Parolise

Lisa Roper-Parolise, a resident of Los Banos, is an author, life coach and owner of KreaTive ChanGes (#Kreative ChanGes).