At its September 14 meeting the Los Banos Planning Commission recommended to the City Council approval of two alcohol licenses. The commission also approved site plan reviews for the development of two highway commercial ventures.

For the Round Up Sports Bar the planning commission approved a categorical exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and recommended to the Los Banos City Council approval of a conditional use permit to allow for the sale of alcohol under a Type 41 alcohol license.

This license would allow for the on-sale of beer and wine in conjunction with an eating place at the bar, located at 830 I Street, which had previously been the site of Dutra’s.

The owners of the bar proposed their days and hours of operation as Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to midnight.

“This operator and business owner also owns Courtyard Mimosas, so they already have an existing restaurant in town,” said Los Banos Community and Economic Development Director Stacy Elms. “We are very excited and anticipate that they will be successful in this second location with a little twist in the business concept.”

Associate Planner Rudy Luquin noted that The Roundup Sports Bar is planning to submit an application for a Type 47 alcohol license (permitting the sale of distilled spirits, as well as beer and wine, in conjunction with an eating place) at a later time, which would require coming back to the planning commission.

In another action the commission approved for Legacy and Reality Development firm a mitigated negative declaration and site plan review, as well as recommended to the city council approval of a conditional use permit to allow for the off-sale of beer and wine under a Type 20 alcohol license.

The development of this project, located at the northeast corner of East Pacheco Boulevard and Ward Road, will include a 12-pump gasoline/service station with 4,280 square foot convenience market with an attached drive-through window. Also included was an adjacent dog park.

Six tree types and 26 shrub and groundcover types are included in the plan, along with gravel and bark added to all landscape areas. The dog park will consist of a typical grass lawn.

Commissioner Rob Robinson asked if there were any provisions for taking care of the dog park regarding the grass, cleanup and odor caused by pet urine, especially in the heat.

While the maintenance of the privately owned dog park will fall solely on the property owner, Elms said that more specific conditions of maintenance can be provided regarding the dog park.

Given what Robinson said, the revised condition of approval will read, “The private dog park shall be maintained in a healthy and well-kept manner, free of debris, pet excrement and odor,” Luquin added.

For its last action at the meeting, the commission approved a mitigated negative declaration and a site plan review for the development of Camarena Health, a two-story medical-dental office structure totaling 16,600 square feet, also located at the northeast corner of East Pacheco Boulevard and Ward Road.

The development of the structure will be paired with associated site and utility improvements. “The materials and colors of the proposed development,” Luquin said, “will be aesthetically consistent with the existing commercial structures to the west and will enhance that particular corner.”

“The project will also consist of site improvements,” Luquin added, “such as grading, drainage, paving, landscaping and exterior lighting.” During commissioner reports towards the end of the meeting, Commissioner Catherine Uhley spoke about the growth occurring in Los Banos. “We have some great new projects going up,” she said. “There’s a lot going on in the community. Driving around, I’ve noticed all t