Hello new audience, my name is Kamiliannah Eseroma, and I am the Pacheco High School eyes for the Westside Express. I will cover many things going on at Pacheco High School from special events, sports and clubs to students and staff.

Today’s topic is one of our new clubs at Los Banos’s Pacheco High School, which is the Latino Student Union. It is a club that started up at the beginning of this year and has already done many things to represent the club, and Latino heritage and culture around campus.

LSU is overseen by its advisors, Ms.Gutierrez and Ms.Castiellanos The club president is Ricardo Ornelas and their vice president is Johan Luna. These four leaders have done a great job so far in leading their club in the right direction to present themselves on campus and have many great ideas to keep doing so in the future.

The LSU is about creating representation of Latino Culture and demonstrating it around the Pacheco High campus. They want to show that they are here to support one another and to help Latinos understand and learn about the many opportunities they can, and will, have.

Both Ricardo and Johan say that their goals are to spread the Latino culture and develop unity among all students. Their advisors would also wish to continue their club throughout the years here at Pacheco and want to have an impact on, not only the school, but the Los Banos community as well. They have planned a field trip to the Stanislaus campus to let the members of LSU tour the campus and give them an idea of where they want to go or what they want to do in the future. There are plans to do more field trips like this moving forward.

Not only do their leaders work hard to bring up representation around campus, but their club communicates and comes up with ideas to create many ways to show their heritage around campus and throughout the community. One major event that they have presented themselves at is our annual multi-Cultural night. They sold pan dulce, which is a traditional Mexican pastry.

They also sold atole, a drink made from corn that is served hot. A Spanish heritage dress-up day was also created on campus for everybody of the Latino culture to show their traditional clothing and bring the flags that represent their culture. Many students participated in this dress-up day.

In creating LSU, the president and vice president’s main goal was to empower the people of the Latino culture. They also have some ideas planned for this week’s Hispanic main event, Día de los Muertos. In their last meeting, LSU members spoke about selling Aguas Frescas, having face painting and sharing Latino music with the Pacheco High School student body. Their vice president also wanted to incorporate sugar skulls and papel picado.

Treasurer Mia and fellow student Michelle say that they feel LSU brings many opportunities to plan activities of representation for their culture. They think that the club is a great help in bringing together the Latino community and both are glad to see so many people involved in their club and to be a part of something great at Pacheco High School.

This is LSU. They are representatives of their culture and heritage, opportunity seekers and students wanting to give themselves a name, not only at Pacheco High School, but in the community of Los Banos.

The Westside Express