The 13th Annual Pumpkin Patch Quilt Show took place Sept. 10 and 11 at the Ted Falasco Arts Center in Los Banos.

On Saturday morning a Hometown Heroes ceremony was held to present 13 local heroes with handmade quilts. Pastor Peter Suhn from the Los Banos Methodist Church began the ceremony with a prayer. The awardees included, veterans Linda and Thomas Higby, Craig Higgins, Ray McCauley, William Winch and Alan Cotta; firefighters, Frank Michael Minor, Mason Hurley  and Roger Hughes; police department, Norma Ramirez, Ray Reyna Jr. and Noah Jones and California High Patrol Officer, Enrique Alvarez.

TOP LEFT PHOTO: Veteran Alan Cotta, center, stands in front of his quilt with members of his family.

Gene Lieb