Professional athlete Josh Allen, alumni of Firebaugh High, is giving back to his community. 

Allen is known for being ranked in the top three of the NFL’s quarterbacks (he plays for the Buffalo Bills).

Allen recently contacted the boys’ basketball head coach, Marco Hercules, about donating shoes to both the boys and girls’ basketball programs.

After discussing the details, Allen had a shipment of basketball shoes sent to his parents, Joel and Lavonne Allen. Allen’s parents delivered the shoes to the two teams during a summer open gym day, where the student athletes were practicing, unaware of this generous gift.

One of the boys on the varsity team this year, Isaiah Martinez, says, “It was a surprise for sure because when our team arrived, we had seen Josh Allen’s parents and were confused.

“Later, when his parents were handing each of us our own shoes, they talked to us collectively about how Josh played basketball during his time at Firebaugh High School, and more importantly, about how he believes in our team.”

If an athlete either did not have their size, or missed practice that day, Allen asked that they write down their size and he would order them, to ensure everyone in the program was accounted for.

The Allen family helped pass out the shoes and assisted with finding the athletes their correct size.

Firebaugh High’s athletic director, Kacey Jones, says, “Everyone was so thankful for Josh’s donation and continued support to FHS Athletics.”

Another athlete, Bethany Mendoza, along with the rest of the girls’ basketball team wish to send their thanks to Josh Allen. “The team now has amazing shoes that we all love,” she says.

Coach Marco added, “The impact on my player’s motivation was almost instant. As soon as they heard that they were getting shoes from Josh Allen their faces lit up and was followed up with our best practice of the summer.”

Marco continued, “As far as impact on the upcoming season it’s a huge help to our players. I feel like it gives them a sense of confidence knowing that someone like Josh is giving back to his community.”

Last summer, Allen also contributed brand new helmets to the entire Pop Warner football team, which consisted of approximately 125 athlete’s ranging from 5-13 years of age. These helmets were professional grade and are certain to protect kids for many seasons.

Coach Marco commented, “I’m positive these basketball players are ready to take on anyone now.”

Firebaugh boys’ basketball team received donation of new shoes from NFL quarterback.
Samantha Rangel