Upon his return from his Albert Einstein Educator Fellows experience, Sergio deAlba has resumed his role as a sixth-grade teacher at Miano Elementary. In addition to the Albert Einstein Educator Fellows, he was selected as one of four educators nationwide to participate in the Keizai Koho Center – Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs Fellowship in Tokyo. By virtue of his participation, he was afforded an opportunity to discuss policy and education approaches with economic and government leaders from Japan. He was also given an opportunity to experience the approach to public and private education systems, discuss, and compare successes.

 In addition to the fellowships deAlba was selected as an NEA Global Learning Fellow and received the opportunity to visit Peru to better understand The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the Peruvian educational system, and the Peruvian culture. Both of these fellowships provided deAlba with experiences that will make his classroom a better place for students to learn.

Recenly, deAlba was selected by the Council for Economic Education to receive the 2022 John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Award at the elementary school level. This recognition reflects that teacher excellence makes a difference. Mr. deAlba’s efforts exemplify how the importance of economic and financial education is critical to students’ future success.

 Finally, deAlba was selected to participate in Amazon’s Future Engineer Program – Project STEM. This program will provide students with an opportunity to learn more about computer science. The Amazon program is centered on expanding the horizons of 21st century knowledge and skills for students opening doors and minds to what is possible.

 We in the Los Banos Unified School District are proud of deAlba’s accomplishments and commend him for his efforts. 

Dr. Mark Marshall

Superintendent, Los Banos School District