I am pleased to announce that we are expanding the Independent Study Program at Volta Elementary to accommodate students and families in search of remote, online learning opportunities.

Before COVID, LBUSD noticed that students were leaving our schools and going to the various online charter schools that are offered throughout the state of California. There has always been a need in our district for an alternative to the traditional school setting.

In the wake of COVID, we were able to create an Independent Studies program at Volta to meet the needs not only of those families of K-6 students who were still uncomfortable sending their students to school because of COVID, but also those looking for a different educational option.

The program at Volta is a rigorous and robust educational program that is fully online. Each student is matched with a fully credentialed LBUSD teacher. The students have daily virtual meetings with their teacher and classmates, and one-on-one meetings with just the teacher once a week.

Our teachers have found that this curriculum is as rigorous as that taught in the regular program, it’s just delivered in a different format.

Our students and parents have found that they like it because students can work at their own pace while still having the support of engaging and fully credentialed teachers.

We hope that the expansion of this program will allow us to attract students who left us before COVID for an alternative learning platform, since the Volta program connects our students with our teachers in our community.

The program at Volta may even assist us in stemming the time of declining enrollment. We are very excited about this program as it expands to provide a quality educational alternative to our families.

Dr. Mark Marshall

Superintendent, Los Banos School District