By now, most readers have probably heard of Colleen Hoover, the romance darling of #BookTok. The best Colleen Hoover books are contemporary romance novels that rivet readers with complex storylines, abrupt plot twists and characters who can be as easy to hate as love. In a nutshell, she’s taken the sometimes-saccharine world of contemporary love stories and made it feel more authentic to the topsy-turvy nature of genuine relationships.

We recommend reading a series in order—for the Shatter series, read Shatter Me before Unravel Me, for instance. But the order in which you read each book series or stand-alone novel is entirely up to you.

If you’re a book lover drawn to dark thrillers, start with the stand-alone page-turner Verity, then dive into Too Late. Fans of happily-ever-afters (HEAs in romance reader speak) might start with the stand-alone book Ugly Love and then move on to Hoover’s other romance novels.

Ugly Love is a good place to start, Publication date: August 2014.

Is this the saddest book Colleen Hoover has ever written? As one reader wryly put it, Ugly Love is about sad people being sad together, and it’s one of those contemporary romance novels that would make a perfect indie film. Followed by Hopeless and November 9th. Her books are currently reprinted and available in  trade paperback editions.