Q: Ok, this might sound strange, but our pool seems to be going through chlorine like crazy! We just purchased a home in Los Banos that has a pool. This is our first in-ground pool. We’ve had above-ground pools in San Jose, but never really took them seriously. I obviously don’t have a lot of in-ground pool knowledge, but I do know I’m going through a lot of chlorine tablets. Yes, I’m probably also noticing the amount of chlorine I’m using because chlorine is expensive! Michael N.

A: Hi Michael and welcome to pool ownership. There is nothing inexpensive about that one thing that provides the family so much joy. And yes, you are right, chlorine is expensive. So, let’s get to the bottom of it all.

The price of chlorine skyrocketed because a main manufacturing facility for most of the US burned down. It has since been rebuilt, but we are not likely to see any relief in pricing until this time next year.

To start, I would like you to have your CYA level in your pool water tested at the pool store in Los Banos. CYA is designed to protect your chlorine from rapidly leaving the pool by the suns UV rays. If this number is above 40 you are protected.

Your main question was regarding high chlorine usage. The temps in the Valley are about 20 degrees warmer than San Jose. Warmer weather, and warmer water means there will be a higher usage of chorine. Believe me, I feel your pain. Even at a discount, summer chlorine usage stings my pockets too. The price of fuel and chlorine have defiantly made their impact felt this year for sure. The good news is as temps cool; chlorine usage slows dramatically.

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Rob Robinson