A philosophy of wellness chooses to create a healthy and fulfilling life.

Wellness is about more than just being free from illness and chronic pain: it is a process of change, growth and awareness towards a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy lifestyle

Your health and wellness matter. But in order to live a better quality of life, maintaining optimal wellness of mind, body and spirit is crucial. Absolutely everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions.

In order to manage stress, reduce illness, get rid of inflammation and heal hurts, disappointments and poor gut health, you must make Life Changing choices to achieve optimal wellness.

To maximize your health and wellness, one must apply NEW HABITS, get nutritional education, set goals, make modifications and have ACCOUNTABILITY. Applying healthy habits in your everyday life will allow you to achieve and REACH your goals.

It first starts with knowing that CHANGE is vital. There is a chapter in my book, “A PURPOSE FOR IT ALL” entitled STRETCHING. It speaks of being pulled, pushed and extended beyond recognition.

Stretching, however, is not meant to destroy us or break us. It is intended to bring out our unknown and hidden strengths. Reaching out into what appears to be something can often pan out to be nothing. We are learning to comprehend and better understand the process and not simply the plan.

Because at the end of it all, WE MUST all realize we were created with and for a “PURPOSE.” Every circumstance and each situation, those we have embraced and those we have disregarded. are all designed, fashioned and meant to bring each of us to a particular place, a very specific space called SELF AWARENESS.

When we are unaware (simply existing) we see hurt, pain, disappointments and setbacks. We see the bits, pieces, fragments and parts and NOT the blueprint or the BIGGER picture: knowing that GREATER exists within each of us.

Take each day as it comes, one step, stride and leap at a time. For every step creates growth and is a progression toward forward movement. Moving forward is the ultimate place we must STRETCH towards.

Despite every opposition, we must make a CHOICE to move, push, and reach past our known limits and walk in “FAITH,” that unseen but real knowing that more exists in each of us.

Learning to find balance between the mind, body, emotional and spiritual–to find a place of balance and harmony–brings each of us to Complete Body Wellness.

So I challenge each of you to STEP and trust in the unknown. Stretch yourself to go beyond the familiar and find that place of MORE.

KreaTive ChanGes is about taking you to another LEVEL. Daring you to fulfill the dream we hold in secret but long to live out loud and BECOME OUR BEST.

Make the conscious decision to erase one bad habit and replace it with one good habit.

KreaTive ChanGes is a dream and passion of mine to create a new mindset and better quality of life health and strength.