It is amazing the time we will make for the unimportant temporary and momentary pleasures of life, but fail to focus on the most valuable factor, “US.”

We spend countless minutes, hours, months and years investing in the here and now, focused on the temporal things of life, things that are not guaranteed nor promised, instead of focusing on  “SELF.”

We expect others to see, respect and treasure what we won’t or simply don’t in ourselves, our self-worth.  We read, meditate and ingest self-help books, inspirational quotes, and catchy sayings and concede at that moment that this is it.

It’s time to make a change based on our conditions, our past shortcomings and present revelations, to choose with assurance to put ourselves first. Even when we do, later, as our emotions and the day-to-day  life begin to give way, we slowly regress right back to our starting point.

It is astonishing how much time seems to slip right by with little or no notice.  We find ourselves surrounded by our circumstances and our situations, often oblivious as to how we got there, only knowing that here is where I am. 

As we sit in this place with seemingly nothing but the echoes of our thoughts running through our minds, we instinctively reach out into what we are convinced is the answer or a great solution. We face the immediate need to rectify and resolve our current situations.

When you comprehend and understand that your life is on purpose and not happenstance, chance or coincidence, you are then not only able to see certain truths, but you actually now can begin to adhere to them, to incorporate them into your way of being, into your existence and your life. 
As a health and wellness coach, my role is to support, encourage and give beneficial insight into nutrition, overall health and wellness, disease maintenance and a healthy mindset, which is vital.   I also provide helpful guidance and directives to combat fatigue, stress, a sluggish mentality and poor gut health.

Through simple clean eating habits, deep breathing and relaxation exercises, you will find the courage and strength you need to take control over your life.

Once a person tells me what their health status is and how their health and wellness journey is going, I share information to help to get them refocused and back on track.

I suggest a daily routine that should include (1) a daily to-do list, (2) meal planning, (3) gratitude journaling ,(4) water, exercise and fresh air and (5) tools to  learn how to take control and become focused and disciplined.

If you don’t make time for your wellness you’ll be forced to take time for your Illness. Finding a good health coach is key and can be vital to your optimal well-being.  Having accountability support and someone who believes in you can make a world of difference on your journey.

People often question and wonder why they would need a health coach. They say, “I know what to do, I just need to do it.” But as a health coach and wellness advocate, my role is to help persons maximize not just their health and well-being but their life.

As a health coach, I hope to cause a person to view things differently and gain greater perspective and awareness from a different view.  This requires dealing with all of his or her mind, body and soul. 

I try to challenge individuals, pushing them to stretch beyond themselves. I use structured guidance, direction and mentoring, while sympathizing and teaching individuals how to prioritize themselves.