San Luis High School, the Los Banos continuation school, is pleased to announce the return of one of its alumna, Brittany Allen, who will join as a teacher at the start of the next school year.

The school is a place of hope that offers struggling students the opportunity to graduate on time and earn their diplomas. It has had great success, as its graduation rate is as high as the city’s comprehensive schools and is higher than the average continuation high school.

The principal of San Luis High School, Chan Meas, believes the school’s best source of support is the dedicated staff and teachers.

“We really work hard at building positive working relationships with students first,” he said. “And because our class sizes are smaller than traditional schools, teachers give ample time for one-on-one support for all students.”

Meas underscores the importance of having teachers willing to go above and beyond to help students succeed at San Luis High School. Allen believes her addition will enhance student success through her ability to connect with students on a personal level.

“I plan to connect to them through relation,” she said. “I know exactly what it felt like to be them at one point, and I want to be that example.”

Allen’s journey at San Luis High School began when she found herself credit-deficient due to her poor mental health at the time. When she was sent to San Luis High School, she felt like a failure and wanted to give up and drop out. But soon enough, she realized it was a second chance, and she wouldn’t have done it without the support of passionate teachers like Ms. Traci Sumner, Ms. Christine Huff and Ms. Karen Ellington.

“Not only did I graduate high school, but I went on to get a bachelor’s degree and am currently working on my master’s. I am now teaching science for San Luis High School, and my life has really come full circle,” Allen said.

Allen has several approaches planned, such as understanding the student’s circumstances, creating individualized plans, setting achievable academic goals and teaching accountability.

“I think it’s important to be familiar with each student’s graduation plan,” she said. “I also want to ensure that each student has a post-secondary plan. I want them to know that I care about their present and want to prepare them for their future.”

Allen’s success shows how teachers and the school community impact students who go to San Luis High School.

Meas said, “Brittany is one of many students who have come through San Luis who are successful in their adult lives, and we’re so proud of her, and we can’t wait for her to come start with us and give back to the school community.”

Christina Rocha