The Los Banos Valley Community School Public Safety Program was recognized as a National Program of Excellence by the Law and Public Safety Education Network (LAPSEN)—a non-profit association that represents career and technical education instructors, administrators and professionals in the law and public safety career industry.

Led by Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) ROP Public Safety Pathway Instructor Deborah Mason, the program was recognized for its culture of support and dedication to student success, which inspires many students to thrive academically and professionally.

The LAPSEN National Program of Excellence, initially referred to as National Accreditation, evaluates programs based on organization and administration, instructional staff, facilities, equipment and safety, curriculum and instruction, student preparation and advisory committee, and industry and community standards.

The recognition signifies the LBVCS program’s commitment to preparing students for careers in law enforcement and public safety. Programs that successfully undergo rigorous reviews by business and industry leaders are recognized by the LAPSEN National Program of Excellence.

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Nathan Quevedo