Students at Dos Palos High School have been back at school for a few weeks and have started off strong. Earlier in the month, students attended a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshop where students were taught how to fill out the forms correctly.

There were also plenty of games going on including basketball and soccer against Coalinga on Jan. 30.

A wrestling tournament took place on Jan. 31. On Feb. 2, both soccer and basketball played against Avenal. Also on Feb. 2 was the winter rally where soccer, basketball and wrestling teams were introduced.

FFA is also doing flower grams for Valentine’s Day, which are carnation flowers that can be sent to whomever you want and can even be delivered to homes.

A few upcoming events that will be happening at DPHS that have been planned by the leadership class include multiple rallies.

An upcoming event planned by the leadership for Feb. 9 is the traditional basketball rally where students play against staff in a basketball game. This rally has been a tradition for many years now and is one that many students look forward to.

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