Last week Pacheo High School hosted an annual 5 a.m. rally. The rally, and attendees, were featured on ABC30 in the Friday Night Lights/Friday Morning Football Segments. The rally theme was “purple out,” and everybody did an amazing job showing their purple pride.

Every year, there is such a great turn out and all students are super excited. This year was no different. The student section was excited to be able to attend this rally. Students had the opportunity to play games, catch a free t-shirt thrown to the crowd, listen to the school band play and even have a few dance parties.

Amanda Aguliar is one of ABC30’s top news reporters. It was a privilege having her at the rally that morning. She got involved in the dance party and also got the crowd pumped up with some cheering. She was amazing, and PHS was glad to have her.

The students also had a flashing lights party of their own. During the excitement, the gym lights go off and students pull out their flashlights and go dance with the song. Many students love this part of the rally because they get to create so many memories.

Some students enjoyed their breakfast via a donut eating contest, and many students were excited to see that. There were also a few other group games which many students participated in.

The football teams were also featured running out of the Panther blow up. The band was featured playing many of their amazing songs, including the PHS fight song, while cheerleaders performed their routine. The PHS cheer team was also featured as they gave us a sneak preview of their half time performance.

The color guard was also performing as the band played. Another performance came from the Ritmo Pantera Club, as they did an amazing job and got the crowd hyped so early in the morning.

Spirit week preceded football week, as usual. This year’s Spirit week theme was the “Week of Wars.” For example, one day was Superheroes vs Supervillains and many students dressed the part.

Many students had a great time dressing up and showing off their creative skills. Lots of them enjoyed having the option between two things or even having the choice of wearing a specific color that day. Wearing the specific class color assigned to that day gave our students another option to wear.

All in all, many students had fun participating in spirit week and the annual 5 a.m. rally. Friday also had an awesome turn out and PHS Pride was definitely on display for everyone to see.

Eseroma Kamil