R.M. Miano Elementary School Principal Zelda Dias-Harper, and race car driver George Dias, teamed up to speak with students about the endless potential for their futures. With a solid education and hard work, they too can achieve their dreams. 

On the last day of school, Principal Dias-Harper brought her electric blue 2015 Corvette Stingray which has 460 hp, and a Z51 package, that adds an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, dry sump oiling, stronger brakes, a comprehensive suspension upgrade, variable exhaust, and coolers for the diff and transmission.

George Dias brought his 1972 Chevrolet Camaro, purchased 10 years ago with the intention of building a track car that would compete in road course and autocross events. The car currently has a Skip White Performance 434 engine with 622 horsepower and an additional 150 horsepower provided by a NOS nitrous oxide system.

George Dias said, ‚ÄĚSeeing the excitement in the students faces from R.M. Miano Elementary while speaking to them about their dreams and future aspirations was very rewarding. A day that I will always remember as it was shared with my sister and school Principal Zelda Dias-Harper”.

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