There is a slight undertone of a rivalry between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles. I have friends who are semi-truck drivers and have a few choice words for passenger vehicles. It’s common for commuters to also complain about the semis. Each side may have valid points, but the bottom line is it’s imperative for each to have a mutual respect in the name of safety.

The common comment from truckers is, other drivers have no idea the stress and potential dangers truckers perform under daily. Also, they strongly feel automobiles act entitled on the road, which poses a danger to all.

Semi-trucks are obviously not as agile as a regular car or pickup truck. Semis need quite a bit more distance to stop. Semis unfortunately could lose a load at any time. Also, the chance of a tire blowout is at a higher percentage than normal. One slight overcorrection of a truck could swing the entire rig into the adjacent lane up to a distance of two feet. Commute long enough and you will witness this hair-raising act. Mind you I’m bald, but “something happens” where my hair used to be.

Non-truckers have an opinion of their own when it comes semis. The most common view of a trucker by most automobiles is, truckers are annoying slow and need their own roads.  A bit extreme view from my perspective, but I have also heard the much tamer idea of a “truck only” lane on every major thoroughfare. 

I’ve witnessed the following acts by big rigs due to spite; sided by side big rigs purposefully driving at or below the speed limit. This is done to build traffic behind the rigs and anger drivers. Frustrated signaling big rigs swing out into the passing lane because the other cars will not allow them to change lanes. And another scary one; at a stop light an angered big rig will coast right up on the car in front and manage to stop inches before an impact. The last scenario is usually fueled by an incident prior arriving at the stop light.

As commuters we have to be cognizant there is a person in that rig who is just like you, a person. They know the limitations of their vehicle and wishes these limitations would not affect you as they do. Also in fairness to the truck; is it really that important as a commuter to speed up to a semi on the highway, slick into the passing lane, only to pass the rig, and slow down in front of them because there is really nowhere to go? Having witnessed so many of this situation, I pray it’s without incident.

In short, the highway is not a David versus Goliath story. It’s a real game of life. The semi who would represent Goliath, could potentially cause irreparable harm due to sheer size. Keep in mind, this “Goliath”, is simply minding the task before them. “Goliath” simply wants to unload safely at point “B.”

Say safe my commuting friends.

Rob Robinson