Los Banos High sophomore

If you are a high school student, did you ever want a way to get ahead in life, even though you might still be young? College courses can be the thing for you.

I am going into my sophomore year at Los Banos High School.  When I was in eighth grade, I took an online college course, Guidance 30, through the local Los Banos Campus of Merced College.

Honestly, there is not much to worry about as long as you’re prepared! The online instructor will give you your assignments and instructions on a platform similar to Google Classroom.

In the upcoming school year, I will be taking a Merced College course during one of my periods at Los Banos High School as part of the LB2MC program. I am looking forward to getting ahead with one college course each semester.

When I was in Guidance 30, my college instructor left videos explaining the instructions for the students. The assignments had a due date, and normally I had enough time to complete them.

Once I turned them in, the instructor graded them and told me my grade. The course was smoothly paced. Not all of the assignments were sent out at one time.

Once the class completed an assignment, the instructor then put out the next one. Sometimes, a couple of assignments were sent out early, so the students can get ahead on things.

At the end of the course, students found out if they passed (I did). Along the way the instructor was always there to help. I could reach out via email or possibly be able to have an individual Zoom call.

I highly recommend Guidance 30 as the first college course a high school or middle school student should take, as I did. It’s a course that helps you find out which careers would fit you, based on your personality type. It teaches you how to make a resume and other related topics.

It was very enjoyable and not that hard. It helped me get to know myself better, too. Some assignments vary from reading to writing an essay. Students even get breaks, depending on what season you’re taking the course in, such as winter break.

Online college classes can range from eight weeks to a full 18-week semester. I know when some people think of college, they may think of crazy, long, difficult “grown up” courses.

However, as a high school student, you are always smarter than you think you are! To take a college course in high school, which is also called dual enrollment, talk with your high school counselor, turn in our K-12 application, and sign up. I definitely recommend it, as long as you have the time and dedication!

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