Dr. Adolph Brown, III also known as “Doc Brown” was the guest speaker at Los Banos High School Friday, Jan. 27, and spoke in front of the entire student body in the new gym on campus.

Brown is an American businessman, mental health and parenting expert, clinical psychologist, investor, author, master teacher, urban and rural school educator, research-scientist and keynote speaker. He has spoken to groups all around the world and is currently the co-host, parent expert and moderator of, “The Parent Test” on ABC.

He walked into the gym dressed as a self-proclaimed, “thug” and explained that his attire was how he dressed when he was in high school.

Brown explained to the audience of students and faculty about his life growing up raised by a single mom and life experiences of being poor and how he was affected at the age of 11 when his older brother was murdered.

Brown’s message to the students was one of perseverance and acceptance. On his back he carried a backpack. He said that it represents the issues that he and everyone else carries every day. He encouraged everyone to be more sensitive to others because he said everyone is carrying a backpack in life and you never know what others are having to deal with in their lives.

In speaking about acceptance, Brown pulled out a mirror from his backpack and said that it starts with person in the mirror. He said you have to like and accept yourself before you can like and accept others as Michael Jackson’s song, “Man in the Mirror” played in the background.

As Brown spoke he would remove articles of clothing, eventually revealing the doctoral cap and gown.

Following the presentation, Brown met with students during lunch taking photos and signing autographs and writing the words, “Keep Going” as he told each student requesting an autograph to keep this handy and when life gets tough to take it out and read it.

Gene Lieb