Jennifer Orozco is one of the licensed estheticians at Glam Room, 1611 Center Ave., Dos Palos. She works in conjunction with Patzy who was introduced in a previous column. The estheticians at the Glam Room provide beauty, cosmetic, and personal care services.

The two local beauty care specialists are striving to build a thriving business in Dos Palos in the aftermath of the COVID-19 shutdown of beauty parlors. Since their occupations were deemed most worrisome, beauticians along with bar keepers sacrificed incomes.

Jennifer launched her career with a love and passion for beauty and the confidence the industry can give women. On her Instagram page, Jennifer gives a variety of beauty tips.

The best advice Jennifer can give is always to apply some pf a product and reapply it regularly. Such a product is necessary not only for spending hours in the direct sun but can provide ongoing protection even when the sun is not out.

Brow lamination is one service Jennifer provides. Lamination is the process of using a chemical solution to straighten and lift eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow lamination is a possible solution for overplucked, thin, or wild brows. The purpose is to shape and uplift the eyebrows resulting in a shiny, smooth effect. The process may start simply by clipping any unruly hairs. Natural brow hairs are styled and then a setting solution is applied. The results usually last six to eight weeks.

For brow lamination after care, Jennifer gives a few tips for the first 24 hours. Prevent any water from getting on the laminated brows. Remember that chlorine is especially damaging to lamination. Avoid heat, including baths or showers, a sauna, and direct sunlight. Avoid eye makeup for 12 hours and only use oil-free makeup remover at all times. Do not rub or touch the eyebrow area.

Jennifer recommends adding a little color to brows. Color at the top of the brow gives a fuller look and a brow lift. Since the first touch is the darkest, always start at the top middle. With a brush, drag the color down so that there is not a definite color line. This also avoids too much color on the brow.

Keeping color application light is particularly important for deep set eyes under a strong brow bone. Too much color on the brow, especially near the lower edge, makes the eyes appear deeper set instead of opening them. Define the brow by drawing around it with a matt finish highlighter. Then use a brush to blend it into the eyelid and forehead.

Dermaplane is a facial performed by an esthetician. Jennifer explains that it removes peach fuzz and dead skin leaving the skin super smooth and soft. She continues, “A microcurrent helps lift and tighten muscles. The result is a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. High frequency increases oxygen in the skin which improves overall texture, tone, and glow. It may help with acne.”

Jennifer offers an easy way to break down the difference between the morning and nighttime skin routines. The morning routine is to prevent any damage to the skin, that is, to protect it for the day. The nighttime routine is to correct and heal any damage that occurred. Both aspects are equally important.

On Instagram use xjennitheestiex to book an appointment. Many people have similar names, so Jennifer created a distinguishing moniker.

Jennifer acclaims, “My Dos Palos clients are amazing. They are my number-one supporter group.” She offers gift certificates so family and friends can benefit from a beauty treatment.

 Independent estheticians at Glam Room provide services according to arranged appointments booked by messaging. Working hard to develop clientele, they advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Jennifer books appointment Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Glam Room is owned by Terra Spidler. She is a licensed nail technician who does nail care by appointments