Recently I worked on a Saturday. A weekend commute is very different from the scenario that plays out Monday through Friday. During the week is when most folks commute, and that’s also when you see most of the antics happen we’ve described in past articles. You get a few crazy drivers, but the majority of folks on the road Saturday and Sunday do not frequent Highway 152. What does this mean? It means you have to be cognizant of the mindset these drivers have.

The weekend driver is most likely not going to travel at the higher rates of speed of a weekday commuter. You then get a “weird phenomenon” that I had to think through before understanding. There are a large number of drivers in the passing lane, sometimes more than in the right lane. After thinking it through, I theorized the right hand lane can be pretty intimidating knowing the other side of the guardrail is a steep drop-off. A weekday commuter has a higher level of comfort with the road, and also has a desensitized view of the drop-off.

Something else that surprised me is the weekend traveler allows more distance between vehicles. This was amazing! So if something goes awry with the quickness, there is enough space for an out-route? I’m in! This group of folks truly wants to get to A-B, and B back to A safely.  This is one thing that really caused a thumbs up reaction in me.

So, I’ve come to a realization that former rules of the weekday commuter roadway do not apply on weekends. Please be patient as they “park” in the passing lane. In fact, forgive them for they have no idea. I also urge weekend commuters to remember their first day of serious commuting during the week at present time. It’s not for the faint of heart, so give weekend travelers a mental pass. Yes, they will do some things that would blow your mind in a weekly commute.

That said, if you are a weekend traveler over “the pass”, please know the passing lane is just that. One should not drive the same speed as the vehicle in the right lane. However, I personally commend you for keeping a safe distance between vehicles. Safety first.  The scenery changes in a split second if you do not pay attention to the road. This could spell disaster. Final words? I actually enjoyed my Saturday commute. Ironically, I arrived at my work destination ahead of schedule despite traveling at a lower rate of speed. This may be due to the smooth traffic flow sans the erratic weekday commuter. One more point for commuters, please be kind to the weekend traveler going west. Many are confused at the Gilroy/Hollister split. Yes, it’s clearly marked, but we all are a little timid in unfamiliar territory.  I hope this provides insight to the non-commuter. Safe travels my friends.