The Westside is fortunate to have a young enthusiastic baker who specializes in cupcakes. Martha Gonzalez of Dos Palos traded her job in a commercial bakery to start her own business.

An example of how someone can be inspired by doubters, Martha reflects, “I was hired as a baker in a bakery. Since I was a new baker, they would not let me do as much of the actual baking as I wanted. Some people thought I was not capable of being a real baker. I quit and decided to show I could do it.”

Martha was inspired by her baby daughter Lucia. She explains, “When my daughter is older, I can stand out as a good role model for her.”

Martha has learned a great deal through experience. She offers hints for baking.

The expert baker advises always to use quality ingredients at room temperature. Measure the amount needed and only let the measured amount reach room temperature. During hot summer days, take care to use milk and such as soon as the chill is gone.

Martha recommends removing the cupcakes from the baking pan or mold immediately out of the oven. This stops the baking process and eliminates overbaking.

Having been raised in Dos Palos her whole life, Martha comments about the community. “I love Dos Palos. It is a great small town. There is no danger out here, so it is a wonderful place to raise a little family. We are lucky.”

As many other local business owners attest, unlike metropolitan areas, Dos Palos is quiet without the problems of a city. Martha notes, “Children are raised in peace and do not have stresses that change their personalities.”

Continuing, Martha emphasizes that the place where someone is raised forms who they are. Here, people care about one another. Children learn to be caring people.

Martha’s goal is to build something for her daughter and herself. With the success of her cupcakes, she hopes to add other pastry treats such as cakes, cake pops, and crispy treats.

For those thinking about starting a business, Martha encourages, “I am here to tell you, follow your dreams. Anyone can start a business if you set your mind to it.” She advises, “See it as a normal job. Do whatever it takes to make customers happy.” The key to having a business, according to Martha, is to put customers first.

The community’s response to Martha’s cupcakes has been overwhelming. Martha is grateful and amazed about the support she has received even from people she did not previously know.

A satisfied customer recommending Martha says, “She took so much time wanting to know about my daughter and her interests. It was not just a matter of ‘What colors?’ She wanted to get a feel for her personality, so it would show through in the cupcake arrangement.

Photos of the Father’s Day orders offer an example of Martha’s creativity. No two are alike. The colors and designs represent the taste of each dad.

Cupcake boxes can represent a theme including bees, monsters, chocolate lovers, or cultural interests. Martha can design what the customers imagines. Of course, “love” and “number one” are popular accents. Part of the thrill is waiting to see the cupcakes designed in the box, which is similar to a designed cake.

Cupcakes are sold by the dozen, half dozen, four to a box, and singles. Flavors are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, red velvet, and funfetti. Prices are the best but pick up only.

Martha’s cupcakes are promoted on social media on community pages for Firebaugh, Los Banos, Merced, and such. Since many gals have her same name, she is distinguished by the Facebook name Marthaa Ggv. Check out photos with decorations for every occasion.

On Instagram find Diva cakes with a pulsing heart design. Click on diva.cakess. Yes, make sure to use twos’s. There are many similar monikers, so be sure it is Martha’s site. See her wonderfully designed cupcakes. Call (209) 675-3401.

Janet Miller

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