His and Hers Salon, 1813 Blossom Street, Dos Palos, miraculously managed to survive the health department shutdown that closed salons across California. The owners had just contracted the building in February 2020.

While the salon was getting started, the tragedy struck. One of the owners who created the name, His and Hers Salon, had to renege. This left Tammy Avina without a partner.

According to the original plan, the “his” would be Tammy’s responsibility. A certified cosmetologist, able to do all such services, Tammy has special training in barbering. In need of someone to specialize in the “hers” services, Tammy contacted a friend from beauty school, Hailey Danae.

Hailey is gifted in all salon-type services for women as well as men and children. I became acquainted with Hailey when she took on the challenge of cutting my 16-month-old grandson’s hair. She did a super job with the squirming toddler.

I observed Hailey styling a Bryant student, Caleb, who obviously takes pride in his model-type hair. Caleb’s previous haircut had grown out, but the quality of the styling remained obvious. Hailey performed as an artist, separating and clipping.

Caleb’s mom, Cynthia Alvarado, commented, “He will not let me take him any other place. Hailey is an amazing person and an amazing stylist. Caleb begs for an appointment with her.”

So that customers will have an understanding, Hailey explains that she has a very serious, non-contagious health condition. Some days she is unable to make it in so only works by appointment. Customers are sympathetic when she must cancel.

Hailey is hopeful that her new meds will continue to keep her on her feet. She is an expert in hair styling, coloring, perms, pedicures, manicures, waxing, and all salon treatments. She explains, “I provide what people need.” To make an appointment call Hailey at (209) 270-4944.

After barbering in several other towns from Chowchilla to Hollister, Tammy tells how she happened to open shop in Dos Palos. It started with her parents who, upon retiring in Hollister five years ago, discovered Dos Palos as the perfect retirement place. The housing prices enabled them to buy a lovely new home and live comfortably.

Tammy comments, “They are just so happy here.” Then, Tammy discovered she was pregnant with twin girls and already had two children. She admits, “I needed to be close to my parents. I needed help.” The move turned out to be great for her family.

After relocating here, Tammy noticed the “For Rent” sign in the building. Starting a business here meant she would not have to commute. She explains that Nick Von Allman, the building owner, cut the rent during the shutdown, so she could keep the business.

Tammy goes on, “That’s the way it is here in Dos Palos. It is a nice community. People are friendly and hardworking. There is a work ethic. They work together, and nobody messes with you. I feel comfortable here.” She is glad she found a nice place to raise her children.

Tammy praises the Dos Palos schools. She has a daughter at Bryant and a son finishing high school at George Christian Education Center. Tammy admits that in moving the family several times, he got behind in his credits. She and her son praise Mr. Farmer for inspiring him to finish high school and showing him the way.

Her son chimes in to tell that Westside High School is an amazing alternative education school. He adds, “I have been in lots of schools. None are like this. The students are happy. They can be heard laughing in the classrooms.” He explains that other continuation schools do not have this cheerful atmosphere.

Tammy explains, “Mr. Farmer is so encouraging. He keeps saying, ‘You can do this.’” Tammy adds, “At Westside they do not just say, ‘You need a plan after high school.’ They help the students make a real plan and show them possibilities.”

His and Hers Salon has another specialist who does sugar waxing and lip fillers. For those services call Jo at (209) 752-4416.

With the shutdown behind them, the styling specialists at His and Hers Salon are getting back to normal. As their name indicates, services are for the whole family, men and women of all ages.

Tammy emphasizes, “We have a special service for seniors, a discount rate. Cuts that normally are $25 are $15 for seniors.” That is a great savings.

Tammy accepts many types of payment including square, PayPal, and Zelle. For an appointment with Tammy call (209) 587-7521.(Janet Miller is a freelance writer specializing in family faith. She offers Family Prayers and Activities: Weekly Guides on compact disc for families to explore the Bible together. Email jmiller@dospalos