Since the shutdown, beauty care specialists have been working tirelessly to increase business. The economic situation delayed careers, so now valiant (mostly) women work energetically for financial recovery.

Patzy Crisol is a local beauty care specialists who invested time and money to become a certified esthetician. She rents a privacy room at newly established Glam Room, 1611 Center Avenue, Dos Palos.

Patzy is a licensed esthetician and a certified lash technician who accepts new clients. During the shutdown, Patzy practiced waxing at home. She found she had a passion for getting that fabulous look.

Determined to help others look and feel their best, Patzy completed the course work and is certified. While in beauty school, she worked on perfecting the art of lash extensions.

Patzy desired to go to beauty school since her high school days. She said she never had the confidence or courage to step out of her comfort zone. At home during the pandemic, she had time to reflect on her future and plan goals.

Now that Patzy has a location, she specializes in lashes and waxing. The wet set is her favorite lash treatment because of its wispiness. Wet look lashes use lighter lashes applied individually to create closed fans. The look is bolder than classic and may be customized with spike lashes.

Other types of lash treatments are volume and hybrid. A volume treatment is for those wanting a dramatic effect. A hybrid treatment delicately increases length and thickness. Someone with thin natural lashes might get a hybrid set to keep a natural look but with a little fullness.

Patzy advises, which eye doctors advise also for natural lashes, “Remember to wash your lashes! Especially in the heat of summer which creates sweat, you do not want to get build up.” She sells reasonably priced lash care kits that come with a brush and a large bottle of lash bath.”

Besides lashes, Patzy specializes in Brazilian wax. She does eyebrow waxing and waxing for problem areas.

Patzy reminds customers that there are certain steps to take to prepare for waxing for a first-time treatment. See the directions on Patzy’s Instagram page to plan for a first-time appointment for a Brazilian wax. For customers who have been shaving, make an appointment for a Brazilian wax about four weeks in advance.

The day of a treatment, take a shower but do not exfoliate. Exfoliation should be done at least two days before an appointment. Wear loose fitting clothing. Someone sensitive to pain may take an over-the-counter reliever about a half hour before treatment.

Those who want a hydro jelly mask should add it when booking a Brazilian wax appointment. Such masks can soothe the skin after a wax treatment.

When asked to give a beauty tip for our readers, Patzy emphasizes, “Wear sunscreen every day of the year. No matter the season or even if you will be mostly indoors, it is very important to protect your skin.” She adds that skin is especially vulnerable in the intense heat here in the Central Valley.

Commenting about local customers, Patsy says, “They are awesome. The people of Dos Palos really appreciate small businesses. Small businesses are what keeps this town running. It is great that there are so many supportive people.”

On Instagram see patzysbeautyroom. Patzy’s byline explains she specializes in beauty, cosmetic and personal care. Notice the various photos to get an idea of Patzy’s skills.

For customers want a totally natural look, a person’s natural beauty is accentuated. Other customers want an amplified dramatic look that makes a “look at me statement.” Photos show how Patzy skillfully meets the needs of all types of clients.

Working hard to develop clientele, Patzy advertises on Facebook as Patzy’s Beauty Room. Message her for an appointment.

Glam Room is owned by Terra Spidler. She is a licensed nail technician who does nail care by appointments. Independent estheticians at Glam Room are there according to arranged appointments.

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