The Golden Valley Health Center officially reopened and shared a special reopening ceremony with the community on Oct. 4.

The Golden Valley Health Center originally opened in 1972, at a small clinic in Merced, and has grown tremendously over the past 50 years to 44 clinics across 3 different counties.

Since 1980, the Golden Valley Health Center, and added dental clinic, have been serving the Los Banos community, caring for many patients regularly and providing quality health care services to all available residents.

The clinic has already gone under a remodeling process, as last fall the GVHC dental clinic was closed for several months and reopened in Dec. 2022.

In early June, the health center was closed for remodeling.

 “We have been planning this remodel for the past three years. The finishes inside the clinic were out of date with our current standards and our lab was no longer sufficient to meet our needs related to lab work processes. We value quality patient care and need to update our facilities occasionally to make sure that our equipment, building functionality and services are top notch,” GVHC Vice President & Chief Communications Officer, Amy Collier Carroll stated.

Since closing, GVHC continued to treat and care for patients through these times and continued to serve as many people as possible.

GVHC supported their Los Banos patients in their Dos Palos clinic. A modular clinic was also set up in the Golden Valley Health Center parking lot to accommodate patients with transportation barriers and offered virtual care options for patients to access treatment from home, as well.

“It was definitely a challenge to make sure our patient care was not disrupted during this time, but we have a very adaptive clinical team, and our operational transition was pretty seamless. The modular clinic served the community well during the closure, and remodel, especially for patients with transportation challenges who couldn’t get to Dos Palos,” Carroll shared.

Luckily after three months of repairs, the Golden Valley Health Center is back and better than ever.

After the Kids Dental Day Event at the dental clinic, over 100 people attended the reopening ceremony and got the chance to witness the official ribbon cutting and take a guided tour of the new clinic. The ceremony went exceptionally well and GVHC received a great deal of support from the Los Banos community and GVHC partnerships.

“Our organization is all about access and ensuring high quality health care services. We truly believe everyone has the right to high quality health care and that our patients deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion. We take great pride in our work and our clinic sites. We hope the Los Banos community is proud of their new clinic as well!” Carroll shared.

Golden Valley Health Centers Board of Directors Chairperson, John Price cuts the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce ribbon Oct. 4 marking the reopening of the center on Texas Avenue in Los Banos. Gene Lieb/The Express
The facility is now open after a remodeling project. Gene Lieb/The Express
Emily Zaragosa