At the Every Student Succeeding Banquet in Fresno on March 27, Pacheco High School student George McCuien was recognized as an ACSA Region 9 recipient.

The Association of California School Administrators held the “Every Student Succeeding” awards ceremony on March 27. The award ceremony and banquet honors students and their efforts and commitment to education in spite of life’s challenges.

George McCuien received a trophy, a $1,000 check and a new MacBook.

Daniel F. Sutton, Principal of Pacheco High School, said, “We are very proud of him.”

Sutton also described the ceremony and accomplishment of George McCuien on the school’s website, detailing “McCuien has had a lot to deal with and is currently in Foster Care.” Nevertheless, he went from a 0.50 GPA as a ninth grader to a 4.00 GPA as an eleventh grader.

Courtney Andrade