The first thing to keep you updated on is our new ‘E’ building just opened up and many of our teachers got to move into their new classrooms. Many of the teachers are super happy to be in their new classrooms and are starting to decorate the way they want.

The new classrooms are smaller in width but they are bigger in depth. They have a lot of light settings that can go from really bright to really dim. We also got three new bathrooms in the new building which are going to be open most of the time.

Another major event that Pacheco just had was the softball/baseball crab feed. We started to sell tickets before the season started at $60. Many people bought tickets and if not all, most of the room was full of people. It was a super big event for not only these sports but for many of the people that support them.

During this dinner, both softball and baseball varsity teams get to help serve the tables food and really whatever they needed. They served bread and butter, salad, pasta and of course crab. While the dinner goes on, there are so many auctions happening. There are both silent and live auctions that included many different themed baskets like panther apparel, coffee/tea, food, movie, sports, and many more.

During the live auction there was a Josh Jacobs autographed jersey, a Taylor Swift signed guitar, a 49er helmet, and a few other sports memorabilia that went up for auction as well. There was also a 50/50 raffle that went on during the dinner, for the chance to win $1,000 dollars. Both varsity teams take part in selling their 50/50 raffle tickets while people walk in and get settled in their seats. So, both teams have a little fun competing on who can sell theirs first.

Many people had lots of fun not only bidding on things but also getting to talk to new and old friends. They have fun eating, talking, and even dancing towards the end of the night.

Some other new things that are happening here at PHS is our ROTC class that will be taking place next school year. They are slowly getting the chance to move all of their stuff into the classrooms and get everything situated. Many students on campus are excited to take part in the class and can’t wait to see what the class has in store at PHS.

Our seniors also took part in creating a “Senior Best” rally where they got to see who won any of the “Senior Best” titles and root their class mates on. During this rally the seniors who were nominated or ran for a senior superlative were announced and took pictures by themselves or with the people that also won that title. They also got to take a picture with a sign with the senior superlative on it with our Pacheco back drop. Many seniors had a pretty good time and were super excited to see their classmates and friends with in any category.

Kamiliannah Eseroma