San Luis High School in Los Banos will be celebrating Diversity Day with a multicultural event. The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 4. The public is invited, and lunch will be provided while local students perform dances.

In a publication for the event, teachers at San Luis High School reflect on how students have been spending time learning about a variety of cultures.

“The major emphasis,” according to the publication, “is learning that people with different opinions, backgrounds, religious beliefs, political beliefs, heritage, and life experiences are respected and valued.”

Multi-cultural events in the city are full of energy and excitement as community members share food and other treasures that best represent their culture to the community.

According to, the City of Los Banos scored 82 out of 100 on a Race, Diversity, and Ethnicity score.

Events that celebrate individuals in the community empower those in the area to share their culture.

Participants who will put on the event say the “are thankful for the ethnic foods donated by our community as well as the displays of local talent we will enjoy.”

All are welcome to attend this multi-cultural event at San Luis High School, 125 Seventh St. Be prepared to see the wide range of diversity in the Los Banos community.

Courtney Andrade