Dos Palos High School (DPHS) began the month with many exciting games, including Valley championships and football playoffs.

The tennis team attended their Valley championship game on Nov. 7, and the DPHS onlookers cheered them on.

The DPHS football team competed against Santa Maria on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. It was the team’s second round of playoffs, and it won.

The DPHS basketball team also had its first scrimmage against Kings Christian on Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. They are beginning their season, and DPHS appears eager to see how it goes and celebrate their victories.

The DPHS soccer team plays in their initial game of the season on Nov. 16, and DPHS is also enthusiastic to cheer them on this season.

It’s nice to have the community come out and support the DPHS teams, so mark your calendars and cheer these teams on as they start their season.

This month and the following month are also noteworthy for the high school’s seniors because they are having their senior portraits taken and submitting their final pictures for the yearbook.

Not only are sports games and yearbook pictures happening, but DPHS is also hosting a “Five ‘til Finish” event to celebrate the five weeks students have left until the semester ends.

Finishing the semester strong is necessary, and having a well-deserved break to commemorate the staff and students’ hard work throughout the first semester allows them to feel accomplished and happy they’ve come so far.

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