On Oct. 27, Melissa Brandi and Elizabeth Erratchu’s first-grade classes at Charleston Elementary participated together in a Halloween Room Transformation Learn and Treat Day.

They set up 12 Fall and Halloween-themed activities for their students to complete during the day. Students rotated around their decorated classrooms through 12 stations, completing Halloween syllable counts, pumpkin part labeling, ghost counting, alphabet pumpkins, fall sentences, candy corn literacy puzzles, fall math facts, costume writing, a bat craft and more. After completing each activity, the students took their punch card to the treat table and got to pick from bracelets, stampers, candy, necklaces, punch balloons, sticky hands, fruit snacks and more.

All 50 students were engaged and excited to be able to complete their activity, get their card punched, get a treat as they learned, and apply previously learned concepts.

Mrs. Brandi and Mrs. Erratchu love being able to plan and provide fun, engaging lessons for their students. They say it is fun to see them learning and working hard while they have so much fun.

These hardworking students hardly even realize they are learning as they go.

The Westside Express