On Sunday in the early morning, we enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Then, whoa! Our bio-clocks are on tilt for several days as we try once again to cope with a time change. Adjustment is hardest on families with babies and small children who cannot make a mental correction by looking at a clock.

The shortening of sunlight hours combined with a clock change can disrupt a sense of well-being. According to aromatherapy practices, eucalyptus aroma has a soothing and calming effect. It allegedly reduces melancholy and lifts spirits while boosting immunity.

Eucalyptus scent is credited with helping the body balance and has the added benefit of combatting congestion that tends to come during this season. The immunity properties of the aroma are acclaimed for having a helpful effect on lung phlegm. Some people find that inhaling the eucalyptus fragrance reduces congestion and provides comfort.

Aromatherapists believe the eucalyptus scent promotes alertness, clarity, optimism and confidence. It is thought to stimulate the mind on a dreary day with shortened sunlight hours. Eucalyptus-infused products for the home and body might reduce stress and mind fog that comes with time disruption.

Fortunately, locals can find a variety of eucalyptus-infused products at the Cloud 9 Boutique, 1917 Blossom Street, Dos Palos. The Thymes fragrance company provides many items to either scent the home or use topically.

Thymes advertises their Eucalyptus Candle as “Artfully designed to create a haven in your home, this candle brings forth an energizing fragrance with a warm beautiful glow.” The invigorating scent in the air may help alleviate tension associated with the circadian body clock adjustment.

Eucalyptus Home Fragrance Mist from Thymes provides an awakening effect without the glow. A small spritz fills a room with energizing aroma. Combining the mist with the candle makes a lovely gift.

Thymes Eucalyptus Cologne, handwash, and body lotion all contain therapeutic essential oils. Eucalyptus oil with antiseptic and healing qualities is obtained from the leaves.

Adults might use these products for the benefit of a lingering aroma on their bodies. In the morning, a spritz of Eucalyptus Cologne will awaken the senses to energize the body and get it on track. Eucalyptus Handwash leaves hands cleansed with a lasting light scent.

The Eucalyptus Body Lotion formula includes shea butter, jojoba oil, honey, aloe, and Vitamin E. This combination is known to deeply moisturize and protect. Jojoba deepens the hydration effect for long-lasting moisturization.

Please be aware that aromatherapy should not replace consultation with a medical professional for emotional stress. Products containing essential oils should not be applied to children’s skin or used when pregnant without a physician’s recommendation. Avoid eye contact.

Vicks VapoRub contains eucalyptus oil and other ingredients used by some to make their own aromatherapy. Mix two tablespoons of rub with one quart of boiling water stirring carefully. Freeze in large cubes. Place a cube in the bottom of the shower for invigoration or congestion relief. The residue is antifungal as well.

During this upcoming week while adjusting to the time change, keep in mind the physiological principles about sleep. Our bodies do not “fall” asleep right away. Physical changes begin up to 90 minutes before a usual bedtime. Body temperature slowly goes down and melatonin increases. The shift into the sleep state takes time.

By turning the clock back an hour, a person who normally goes to bed at ten will physically begin shifting after 7:30 p.m. In return, awakening in the morning might be easier during the adjustment period.

Be gentle with your body this week; begin altering sleep time 15 minutes each night now to help reduce the shock. Use fragrances, meditations, soothing music, and other tools to help reduce the stress on the body’s circadian clock.

Janet Miller

Janet Miller is a freelance writer specializing in family faith. She offers Family Prayers and Activities: Weekly Guides on compact disc for families to explore the Bible together. Email jmiller@dospalos.org.