Now is the time to get serious about the 41st Annual California Farm Bureau Photo Contest. All entries must be submitted by the end of September for this year’s contest.

The purpose of the contest is to showcase California agricultural, although the possible subject matter is varied and extensive. Subjects might be fresh or plated food, agricultural products being grown or harvested, animals on the farm or family farm life or the people working on a farm or ranch. Rural scenery is a possibility as well as urban food production.

Entrants do not have to be as brave as last year’s winner who went face-to-face with a powerful bull to capture a stunning photo. See the 2021 winning entry at

Six categories range from one Grand Prize of $1,000 down to six Honorable Mentions of $50 each for a total of ten adult cash winners. Two additional prizes are awarded in the Budding Artist category with a birth date on the entry form, and a parent must sign.

Entry forms and photos are submitted online. A separate complete entry form must accompany each photo. A model release must accompany entries with a parent or guardian signing for any minors.

On the entry form the location and date taken must be noted for each photo but without date stamps on photos. Entrants may submit up to five photos, but only one award, the highest category, will be assigned to an individual each year.

Entries must accurately depict the subject or scene. Photos overly altered or filtered will not be chosen. Sepia and black-and-white are acceptable.

Photos must be in jpg format. See the photo contest webpage for size and resolution preferences and requirements. Images from mobile devices must meet resolution requirements. Turn off the date stamp. Photos with the photographer’s name in the image are not accepted.

Photographers must be amateurs not deriving regular income from photography. Employees including their families of Farm Bureau and their affiliates are not eligible.

Anyone who enters must be a member of Farm Bureau or designated to have member privileges by a company that is a member. Children, under 14 years of age, of qualifying entrants can enter the “Budding Artist” category.

On the photo contest website find an entry form and a link for complete rules. There is also a link to join the Farm Bureau, if needed, as a member number is required for each entry.

Amateur photographers who are not yet members need not fear. Joining Farm Bureau is easy and worthwhile. See Members received benefits while helping to protect “California’s diverse farming and ranching legacy.”

California Farm Bureau has many membership levels. Those not directly involved in agriculture may choose to be associate members. Associates support the local agricultural community and are committed to helping consumers understand where food comes from.

Associate dues are only $100 a year while Collegiate dues, which include scholarship opportunities and internship contacts, are only $25. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Members received discounts on clothing, hotels, care rentals, pet insurance, paints, and auto parts and rentals.

All members receive the California Bountiful magazine, printed and online. This beautiful publication has fascinating stories about farm live and food production in California.

Submitted photos must not be entered into another contest. Be aware that all photographs become the property of California Farm Bureau which may use and reproduce submitted photos for any purpose without further permission.

Photo entries may be published in Ag Alert and California Bountiful magazine. Photos may be posted on Farm Bureau websites or social media.

It would be great to see the Westside well represented in this year’s photo contest and even more wonderful to hear that at least one local is a winner. Get out those cameras and look around. Harvest is in full swing.

Janet Miller

Janet Miller is a freelance writer specializing in family faith. She offers Family Prayers and Activities: Weekly Guides on compact disc for families to explore the Bible together. Email