During its October 12 meeting Los Banos Planning Commission recommended approval to Los Banos City Council of an alcohol license for Las Micheladas Bar & Grill.

The Planning Commission approved a categorical exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and recommended to the Los Banos City Council approval of a conditional use permit to allow for the sale of alcohol under a Type 47 alcohol license at Las Micheladas Bar & Grill, located at 509 I Street.

A Type 47 alcohol license, associate planner Rudy Luquin clarified, will allow for the on-sale of general alcohol–wine, beer, and distilled spirits–in conjunction with a bona-fide public eating place.

The building to be used for the operation, located in downtown Los Banos, was previously used for a Zumba classes, but it will be renovated by the property owners and turned into a restaurant.

The proposed hours of operation for Las Micheladas Bar & Grill will be Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. until 12 a.m.

“This proposed use will be considered to rehabilitate the downtown area to bring similar uses to the area in place of those that are less desired,” Luquin said.

During the public hearing, Erik de la Torre said that as a resident of Los Banos for six years, the purpose of his venture to open Las Micheladas Bar & Grill was to spark up the downtown area.

De la Torre added that he is using the same concept as his business partner in Hollister, who has had a successful, highly rated restaurant, especially within the last few years. “We’re excited to bring this venture to Los Banos,” de la Torre said.

Community and Economic Development Director Stacy Elms, during her report, addressed the owners of the business present at the meeting: “Thank you for choosing Los Banos to do business and help revitalize our downtown.”

“This will be a help create great atmosphere for our downtown and create some activity,” Elms added.

Members of the planning commission also thanked and congratulated the owners of the new business.

Malina Duran

Malina Duran’s email is malina.duran1999@gmail.com.