These poems are a result of the healing process the author went through after years of anxiety,depression and PTSD from abusive relationships

“Inception, Deception”, a new book by Stacy Franklin, has been released by RoseDog Books.

Franklin was born in Los Banos and raised in Fresno. She graduated from Fresno High School in June of 2004. She began having symptoms of anxiety at an early age, shortly after her parents divorced. She would later be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, depression and PTSD after enduring abuse from a previous relationship and from her mother’s ex-husband. After years of self-mutilation and other unhealthy coping mechanisms, she sought help from therapy. After what many of her therapists described as “The silent scream”, Stacy started to find a voice for her silent suffering through writing and painting.

“Inception, Deception” is a 52-page hardcover published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh, Pa.

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