Justin Spiva finally is living his dream as the new owner of the tire shop in Dos Palos on the corner of Highway 33 and Blossom Street. Having worked at Bob’s Howard Tire for 15 years, John gained experience to take over the tire business.

Notice the new name in the window, Justin’s Tire and Auto. Soon, you will see festive banners which have been ordered to announce the name changed. When Bob Baeten had started the tire shop, he honored the name where he gained experience, Howard’s Tire in Los Banos. Now there is a new tradition.

Justin had an agreement with Bob to eventually become the owner. With tire service having brought the two families together, Bob’s son Danny continues to work at Justin’s Tire and Auto.

Alex Roman remains on staff. His knowledge of the tire and auto business is rooted in his family heritage. In 1970, his grandfather maintained customers’ cars at Roman’s Tire in Santa Clara, California.  

As a great go-between with the Hispanic community on the Westside, Alex speaks Spanish and says customers return from Firebaugh and Mendota. This following was formed because they know no one at the Dos Palos shop will take advantage.

Alex suggests we treat cars like one of the family. Make sure that all are safe by getting regular maintenance. Most importantly, keep the proper air pressure in tires.

The staff reminds us that they do all vehicle maintenance work. Whether the need is brakes, transmission fluid, starters, alternators, or air conditioning, they are ready. Batteries are in stock. They encourage regular maintenance flushes.

Many folks now fix up older vehicles. Justin’s shop is there to help. It is a complete vehicle repair and maintenance shop as well as a tire dealership.

Justin observes the unfortunate signs of the times. Getting vehicle parts sometimes is a challenge. For all of us, it is a matter of getting what we need when we can.

When it comes to tires, Justin can meet any budget. He can get most brands. The customers decide depending on how much driving they do.

Some drivers may only need something that is entry level. Those who spend significant time on the road might spend more to get a smoother ride and have less road noise.

The tire shop guys all are local and have or have had their children in Dos Palos schools. Working locally makes it convenient to be involved with family, like seeing a daughter or son cheer or play sports.

The benefit is the same for everyone in the area. There is no need spending hours driving elsewhere to get automotive services. For access from Westside towns, the shop is conveniently located on Highway 33

Justin considers it important to maintain a tire and auto shop for the community. He adds, “With the price of fuel, it is good that customers do not have a long drive.”

The staff finds Dos Palos a friendly and supportive place for raising families. In fact, many customers feel like family. For instance, Albert Coderniz who is known for his support of local business, is called Uncle Albert. He took his own family to meet the staff.

When I stopped by for an interview, Justin said he had been thinking about how supportive the community has been. He remarked that some customers pull up just to offer congratulations and promise to be back when they need auto care. In Dos Palos folks go out of their way to make others feel good.

Justin’s Tire and Auto is supportive of local nonprofit organizations with fundraising events and other community activities. Already he supported National Night Out which is on the first Tuesday each August.

Justin’s Tire and Auto is at 2601 Blossom Street. Call (209) 392-9100.

Janet Miller

Janet Miller is a freelance writer specializing in family faith. She offers Family Prayers and Activities: Weekly Guides on compact disc for families to explore the Bible together. Email jmiller@dospalos.org.