The Los Banos Tiger Sharks swim team competed in the Kerman Invitational swim meet on July 9, and finished third behind the Chowchilla Red fins, (560) the Hilmar Hammerheads, (499). Los Banos finished with a team score of 313.

Individual highlights for the Tiger sharks included Ynez Fernandez winning the girls under 6-year-old freestyle race with a time of 57.90 seconds.  Evvan Ambriz recorded a time 41.50 seconds to claim the boys 9- to 10-year-old backstroke race.  Aliyana Loretto won the girls 15-16 backstroke heat, recording a time of 1:14.22.

In the 8-year-old and under boys 100-yard dash, Tiger shark, Cesar Arce claimed victory with a time of 2:03.22.  Evvan Ambriz won his second event, claiming the boys 9–10-year-old IM race.  With his time of 1:11.53, Dereck Rubio won the boys 17–18-year-old IM race.

Tiger shark, Alyson Graves was the winner of the girls 6-year-old and younger breaststroke with her time of 36.09 seconds.  Alberto Munoz took home first place in the boys 6-year-old and younger breaststroke for Los Banos. With her time of 24:25 seconds, Leah Ellison won the girls 7– 8-year-old breaststroke for the Tiger Sharks.  Jay Luna swam to victory in the boys 7- to 8-year-old breaststroke with his time of 31:44 seconds.

 In the boys 6-year-old and younger butterfly, Jedidiah Siemiller won the race with his time of 29:66 seconds.  Samantha Panatoja took home first place in the girls 13–14-year-old butterfly race, with her time of 1:14.28.   Evvan Ambriz became a three-time winner, when he won the boys 9–10-year-old butterfly heat with his time of 43:03 seconds.  Dereck Rubio claimed his second victory of the day, when he won the boys 17–18-year-old butterfly race with a time of 1:06.03.

Despite these fine individual performances Los Banos finished third.

Team Scores Kerman Invitational

Chowchilla Redfins  560, Hilmar Hammerheads 499, Los Banos Tigersharks 313.5

Girls 6 and younger 50-yard freestyle: 1st Ynez Fernandez  57.90 seconds

Boys 6 and younger 50-yard freestyle: 1st Jedidiah Siemiller  53.43 Seconds, 8th Alberto Munoz   1:16.10 Seconds

Girls 7-8 50-yard freestyle: 6th Cindella Ochoa 50.63 Seconds

Boys 7-8 50-yard freestyle: 6th Cesar Arce  45.53Seconds

Girls 9-10 100yd Freestyle: 4th Madilynn Almanza 1:29.78

Boys 13-14 50-yard freestyle: 8th Adam Loretto 31.28 Seconds

Girls 17-18 50-yard freestyle: 6th Joanna Chavez 36.64

Girls 6 and younger 25-yard backstroke: 6th Riley Brum  33.94, 8th Ynez Fernandez 37.63

Girls 7-8 25-yard backstroke: Savannah Munoz   25.97, 5th Leah Ellison   26.17

Girls 9-10 50-yard backstroke: 7th Harmony Bell 49.78

Boys 9-10 50-yard backstroke: 1st Evven Ambriz 41.59, 5th Logan Ellison  50.12

Girls 11-12 50-yard backstroke: 8th Kaelan Connolly  45.25

Boys 11-12 50-yard backstroke: 7th Aiden Diaz    45.44

Girls 13-14 100-yard backstroke: 8th Isabella Flores 1:38.00

Boys 13-14 100-yard backstroke: 3rd Edgar Vizcarra 1:18.97, 5th Jordan Franklin   1:24.19, 6th Alfred Loretto   1:24.62

Girls 15-16 100-yard backstroke: 1st Aliyana Loretto 1:14.22, 8th Alexandria Loretto  1:21.25

Boys 15-16 100-yard backstroke: 5th Jonathon Rodriquez-Jimenez   1:14.02

Girls 17-18 100-yard backstroke: 3rd Joanna Chavez   1:42.32

Girls 8 and younger 100-yard IM: 2nd Leah Ellison 1:58.43

Boys 8 and younger 100-yard IM : 1st Cesar Arce 2:03.22, 4th Jedidiah Siemiller  2:24.28

Girls 9-10 100-yard IM : 3rd Natalie Pantoja   1:47.06, 4th Madilynn Almanza 1:47.12, 5th Nicole Arce   1:53.75

Boys 9-10 100-yard IM: 1st Evven Ambriz   1:29.38, 4th Logan Ellison  1:45.44, 6th Julian Rodriguez-Jimenez

Boys 11-12 100-yard IM: 8th Saul Arce   1:28.97

Girls 13-14 100-yard IM: 2nd Samantha Pantoja

Boys 13-14 100-yard IM: 2nd Edgar Vizcarra 1:14.81, 3rd Alfred Lorreto  1:15.90

Girls 15-16 100-yard IM: 4th Aliyana Loretto  1:15.87

Boys 15-16 100-yard IM: 5th Jonathan Rodriguez-Jimenez   1:08.78

Girls 17-18 100-yard IM: 6th Joanna Chavez

Boys 17-18 100-yard IM: 1st Derek Rubio  1:11.53

Girls 6 and younger 25-yard breaststroke: 1st Alyson Graves  36.09, 2nd Riley Brum   36.32, 3rd Ynez Fernandez

Boys 6 and younger 25-yard breaststroke: 1st Alberto Munoz 37.35, 6th Samuel Meza   56.03, 7th Noah Gonzalez  57.71

Girls 7-8 25-yard breaststroke: 1st Leah Ellison   24.45, 4th Savannah Munoz 31.50, 8th Kaia Schroeder 34.04

Boys 7-8 25-yard breaststroke: 1st Jay Luna IV 31.44, 5th Declan Baughman  40.43, 6th Adrian Nunes 40.64, 7th Max Meza  43.07, 8th Asher Baughman 43.44

Girls 9-10 50-yard breaststroke: 5th Natalie Pantoja

Boys 9-10 50-yard breaststroke: 3rd Logan Ellison  51.93, 4th Frank Fernandez   52.53, 6th Julian Rodriguez-Jimenez   54.37

Boys 11-12 50-yard breaststroke: 6th Arthur Fernandez  46.06, 7th Saul Arce   46.16

Girls 13-14 100-yard breaststroke: 4th Samantha Pantoja   1:29.25, 8th Sinai Vizcarra  1:45.51

Boys 13-14 100-yard breaststroke : 5th Brenton Siemiller   1:36.75, 7th Adam Loretto 1:38.31

Girls 15-16 100-yard breaststroke: 6th Alina Ambriz 1:39.16

Boys 17-18 100-yard breaststroke: 2nd Derek Rubio  1:18.68

Girls 6 and younger 25-yard butterfly: 3rd Riley Brum  38.59, 6th Alyson Graves   49.38

Boys 6 and younger 25-yard butterfly: 1st Jedidiah Siemiller  29.66

Girls 7-8 25-yard butterfly: 6th Cindella Ochoa  30.25

Boys 7-8 25-yard butterfly: 3rd Cesar Arce  27.27, 8th Jay Luna IV 30.25

Girls 9-10 50-yard butterfly: 3rd Madilynn Almanza  47.57, 6th Jenna Schroeder 56.62

Boys 9-10 50-yard butterfly: 1st Evven Ambriz  43.03, 8th Julian Rodriguez-Jimenez   1:02.81

Girls 11-12 50-yard butterfly: 7th Madison Broff  45.06

Girls 13-14 100-yard butterfly: 1st Samantha Panatoja   1:14.28

Boys 13-14 100-yard butterfly: 5th Alfred Loretto 1:26.46

Girls 15-16 100-yard butterfly: 5th Aliyana Loretto   1:29.53, 8th Alexandra Loretto 1:29.84

Boys 15-16 100-yard butterfly: 5th Jonathan Rodriguez-Jimenez

Boys 17-18 100-yard butterfly: 1st Derek Rubio  1:06.03